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If you have a walk-in closet, position the desk where the light flows freely. Try to find a chair that fits inside the cloffice so that you’re able to shut the closet door with ease. For a clutter-free closet office, search for a seamless desk with drawers. Make use of the drawers for files and notepads, then create a feature of stationery storage with several gorgeous pen pots and magazine files. We have a lot of time for the modest pegboard; it looks cool, is very flexible, and could be cut to fit any space. Adjustable shelves allow you to maximize the available room, fitting the shelves to your things, instead of being left with wasted voids. Another excellent small office design is to build a flexible storage wall structure with floor-to-ceiling supports and brackets.

What can I convert my closet into?

  • Tiny Office.
  • Compact Bar.
  • Vanity Station.
  • Small Nursery.
  • Laundry Room.
  • Reading Nook.
  • Sewing Space Or Mini Craft Room.
  • Entryway Nook.

Remove those belongings that you do not need, or sign on the dotted line for storage-unit lease. But if you are not prepared to surrender yet, if you still have a little fight remaining in you, have faith. convert closet to office Once you have your board cut down to size, measure out the placement of your pocket holes. You will want to get the measurements of each stud along the back and side walls and mark these on the shelf.

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And so, she did what any good realtor would do, she encouraged me to get creative. A fresh start could translate into whatever is important to you in your life. If you’re like me, you think of the beginning of a new year as a fresh start.

  • In a closet office, well, there’s not a plethora of space even for your must-have items.
  • The setup means she can admire her fashionable wardrobe from every possible angle.
  • Temperature and humidity levels within any storage space including climate-controlled spaces may vary.
  • Drawers do not need to span the entire width of the desk.

Feel free to go ahead and adjust your dimensions accordingly as you see fit. Go for devices that have multiple functions and they don’t always necessarily have to be in your office space unless you have a need for them, which isn’t always every day. See more related content about setting up a home office for remote work on this page.

Turn Your Closet into a Home Office – Tips

So spruce up your space with pretty, sentimental items that are meaningful to you, such as framed photos or a nice vase with fresh Gerbera daisies. However, in most cases, you’ll need to add an outlet or two into your closet office. The National Electric Code requires closet outlets to have arc fault circuit interrupters to help prevent fires. Running shelves up the back of the closet is an easy and obvious solution. While you’re at it, though, consider adding a rail for hooks so you can hang pencil holders, pictures, or other items up and off your desk. In a closet office, well, there’s not a plethora of space even for your must-have items. It only took Kaitlin Clark about three hours to transform an extra closet in her home studio into a functional workspace and vanity that’s also 100% reversible.

  • Create a compact, efficient office inside a closet.
  • Complete the installation by nailing on the face frames .We used a 1×3 for the bottom face frame to hide the under-cabinet lighting.
  • Either way, you also want to make sure that the height of your desk corresponds to the height of the chair you’ll be using, so you’ll be able to do so comfortably.
  • “Compact is a kindly way of describing my office,” she says.
  • There may be times, though, when you have to compromise.

A few nails, paint, and a drill can convert unused square footage into your new favorite corner. If you decide to remove the closet door to fit a chair into the setup, you might be looking for something to differentiate your cloffice from the rest of your space. A good idea would be to use room dividers, which you could easily slide to the side when needed, or curtains. Are you planning to use the existing shelves inside the closet?


Consider the footprint of your home before settling on an office door. We all deserve a secluded space away from the noise and bustle of the outside world, a designated locale in which to put our heads down and get to work. Katelyn Richardson’s closet transformation resulted in a small at-home office. Designing your cloffice according to a theme or colour scheme can make the process way more enjoyable. Also, double-check that the mount you’re going to buy is able to support the weight of the monitor without its stand.

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No matter which kind of cloffice most speaks to you and your lifestyle, you can’t go wrong implementing one in your own space. We’ve rounded up 16 of our favorite displays, featuring clever details including pops of paint, wallpaper, and handy storage hacks that you won’t want to miss. Yes, if you build your closet office with free-standing pieces instead of built-ins, you can take it to each new home. Balance a wood work top on two file cabinets, or roll in a small student desk.

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