provides tutoring at a reasonable cost which allows students to connect with professional tutors on a 4/7 basis to gain knowledge about the past.

The cycle of history is a continuous process that places equal weight to each time period. The courses use videos from the past along with texts, quizzes, and texts to aid students in learning and be engaged with the content. Human thought’s evolution is crucial to the world of in the present. They can complement the learning in class or can be utilized in a homeschooling environment. Things that were once thought of as unattainable or irrelevant today becoming the focus of attention, like global warming and evolutionary.’s college-level classes offer students the options to earn college credits which can be used at more than 2000 universities.

The modern world shows that science is now an integral part of our society.’s courses also include extra study materials to students in need of extra help or teachers looking for professional training. Nowadays, science is utilized to fight disease and prevent destruction of habitats. Histories 100: Western Civilization from Prehistory to post-WWII. As you can see how theories have been accepted as time passes like evolution, historians can conclude that it will take some time before people are able to accept the scientific evidence for global warming. A college-level introduction to Western civilization covers the Ice Age through the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The process of examining the acceptance of evolution isn’t as simple as the issue of global warming since the former puts many crucial things in danger. Learn about what was happening during the Classical Period, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, World Wars, and the Cold War. Many animals may be killed and living conditions may be altered if the world is unable to alter its practices. History 102: Western Civilization II. However, history has shown that as science starts to gain a greater place in our lives and more people come to realize the significance to be "green". This study of Western civilization covers the 16th century through today.

Humans have changed over time in their thinking patterns for the more positive. The college course covers the reign of monarchs and revolutions Industrialization, Nationalism, Imperialism, World War I, World War II, and the contemporary era. Modern philosophical and scientific thinking will continue to expand, proving the human race’s desire for knowledge is never ending. Historical 103. When I consider the things that pique my attention, or that is to say "make my tickle," the first thought I have focus on art and history.

US History I. To me they’re both the same. Learn about North America’s first contacts between the two continents in 28,000 BCE until Reconstruction at the end of 1877. The human creative process is one that is a part of nature alongside philosophy, politics, and literature. This course will cover Native American history, European settlement and Reconstruction, the American Revolution, Jacksonian democracy, Manifest Destiny, American Civil War, and Reconstruction. I would like a portion of my existence to be dedicated to these noble topics. Historical 104: US History II.

I believe that as a professor, I can be extremely successful in engaging learners and aiding them to discover their roots buy in the that are long gone. This thrilling college course explores US history starting in 1865 and continuing to today. I often ask myself why I am so fascinated by the history that offers.

Interesting topics include Reconstruction and that of the Progressive Era, American Imperialism and in the Great Depression, World War II as well as The Cold War, and contemporary America. Who was my inspiration? One of my greatest inspirations is my uncle Jim. US History: High School.

As a music history teacher for over forty years at the Friends Central School in Philadelphia He helped me develop my love of British History. This high school course could be either a class, or a review. He led me to high-Anglican church and taught me why the monarchy is important. It will cover European settlement and its settlement, the Revolutionary era, Jacksonian democracy, American Civil War, Reconstruction and as well as the Progressive Era, the Great Depression, World War II as well as World War II, the Cold War, and modern America. While he did not teach me in the classroom, we took to use the globe as an source of inspiration. Additional Courses. He taught me that academia is an extremely respectable career.

History, Culture & People of the Americas Survey of World History & Cultures World History: High School World History: Middle School World History for Kids US History for Kids. In the present, I see it as something I am interested in. History tutoring. I would like to share my passions with other people, and assist students master a field that combines the human experience with the people they are drawn to. provides tutoring at a reasonable cost which allows students to connect with professional tutors on a 24/7 basis to gain knowledge about the past.

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